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Chile Chico Weather

What characterizes the city of Chile Chico is its micro climate, because despite being in the south of Chile it is a very sunny place, which allows us to grow species typical of the central zone of our country, such as the cherry.


Chile Chico's average annual rainfall is around 280 mm, with a maximum of 557 mm. The precipitations are concentrated between the months of May to August adding approximately 58% of the annual rains. The average temperature for the dry months (from September to April) is 12°C, with a minimum of 8.5°C and a maximum of 21.7°C, while for the rainy months (from May to August) it is 5°C added to intense snowfall. According to the records of the weather station, the average wind speed is 13 km / hr and a maximum of 50 km / hr, it is constant for Chile Chico to receive winds predominantly southwest.


Without a doubt, the seasons with the best climatic conditions are spring and summer, when the temperature can reach a pleasant average maximum of 21.7°C during the day. While in winter the temperature drops considerably, even falling to subzero temperatures.


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